The objective of this Project was to learn how to rig and animate in After Effects using Duik (A very complete and free tool).
The production started with sketches of how I imagined the character was going to look...
Then, I traced the character in Illustrator, each of its parts in a different layer.
Here is how it looks in AE with the rig and the animation.
But it couldn't just be running in a blank background, so I designed this scene in Illustrator, taking into account it would need to loop. Since the character is a running raccoon, I figured it made sense for the scene to be in the night
Once in After Effects, the layers were set to 3D in order to be able to play with the perspective, like the mailbox and the closer sidewalk, it also helped to fake depth of field by adding blur to the layers. The stars were made with Particular and I added 2 lights to help with the ambience.
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